North American Pairs

District 23, Los Angeles

Submit a new game file


  1. Click the "Browse" button. A file explorer window will open.
  2. In the explorer window, navigate to C:\ACBLSCOR\GAMEFILE. This is where ACBLscore stores game files by date.
  3. Find the date and session of your NAP qualifier game.
    (Unfortunately if "file extensions" are hidden, it's a little difficult to distinguish a morning game from an afternoon game from an evening game from a Bridgemate file. But if you pick the wrong one, no harm. You can repeat with the others.)
  4. Click "Submit file."
    On your first submission, you may be asked a CAPTCHA question to prove that you're not a robot.

Your game file will be validated and presented for your confirmation. If you confirm, the results will immediately be added to the site.

You may also submit an ACBLscore "NAP report" which is a CSV file, in place of the game files. Your results will appear as August 31 in the (Other) session. To submit a CSV file NAP report, follow the same steps above, but in step 2. navigate to where the file was saved when you generated the report, and select that file.


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